Friday, June 13, 2008

She Seeketh Wool

Well I took on a little bit of a new project last week. I went to a favorite potter friend of mine. He was having a little workshop where you could design your own 7" plate. It then stays with him for the firing and glazing and you can then pick it up the end of July. I have pictured here the "rough" plate I did which I hand drew and remember now, I am not a good drawer. After the finishing is through I am hoping to love the plate. Right now I'm drawn. The potter is Ned Foltz and in this area and many areas beyond he is very well known. He does this once a year for his regulars as a thank you. I have several items of his and they are shown in many museums worldwide. I haven't been able to add to my collection as his prices have increased tremendously over the past few years. What I could purchase for $75.00 a few years ago is now well over $250.00+ right now. His items are beautiful and I love redware. I collect from many collectors but some have closed their business and others are gone but redware, yellowware etc. are my favorites. I am hoping that I will be happy when this is fired and glazed and then will use it in my heading. Right now I think she looks a bit like Wynonna Judd or Tina Turner. Way too much hair. I kept trying to "fix" it and it just got bigger and bigger!! It was a fun day though. Greg came with me to make his own plate and I had an idea of a really nice plate for him to make but men have their own ideas and he made an eagle... (not my idea at all). Ned actually loved my plate saying it was very "primitive" which to me meant "Lady you can't draw".... and another gentleman said to me.... "You have to live with it".... which to me meant... "OMG you poor thing".... LOL So there you have it!!

I finally gave Buzz his rug and he was thrilled. He cried when he saw it and read the back of it. Would you believe I had my camera in my purse to take a picture but he was so emotional I forgot to take the picture. I talked to him since and he said he will be glad to have me take a picture of him holding it, so it's just a matter of tracking him down. He seems to be doing so much better physically. Mentally he is still having trouble which is understandable. He's been though so much so keep your prayers coming for Buzz.

I'm still hooking odd and ends and whipping up things that need to be finished off. So for now I will close and wish everyone a great weekend. See you all soon!