Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Friend Buzz

My Friend Buzz

Geez.... where does the time go?? It's about time I get back on here. Life has definately gotten in the way of blogging, hooking and everything I want to be doing this summer. I need to really keep at this blogging because when I come back to it I have no idea what I'm doing.

Thanks for all the comments and encouragement in this venture I'm trying to accomplish with a million other things I'm also trying to accomplish. Over the next few weeks I am going to start introducting my family, my furry kids and my redware plate will be finished this weekend and I'm so anxious to see the final product and I am hoping that poor woman looks better glazed and fired then she looks in the raw stages.

First issue at hand is my friend Buzz. Many of you know of Buzz as I have asked you all for prayers as he took a leap of faith when he was diagnosed with lymph node cancer in May 2007. He went through an awful year and I tried and tried to help in any way I could to pull him through. I hope I did. You also know that I hooked him a Leap of Faith rug which was my first blog entry here and can be seen in the older posts.

Well I am proud to say and happy to say that Buzz is back to life and living it at it's fullest. He is back to his music and new projects and flying by the seat of his pants!!! He is smiling and happy and a whole new person. I cannot be happier for him. He is busy busy busy with so many new things happening in his life. He now has a website on My space. You can see that and see the many new things he is doing by visiting at Hope that link works for you.

I am also going to post a picture of this great guy here for you all to see my friend Buzz. I'm so proud of him with everything he had to endure this past year. I honestly do not know how he kept the faith and made it though each day with the challenges he faced but I know and believe in the power of prayer and I thank you all for all the prayers and cards you sent his way. He was truly moved by this gesture from the rug hooking community of people all over the US that did not even know him.

OK... that's about all for this week. Next week I'll try to have a picture up here of my hubby Greg..... I think I'll put up our wedding picture and then after that I'll start with my family and introduce you to my parents, brothers and their wives and then my furry kids. Try to get a rug or two in there too!! Have a great rest of the summer!!!

Many Blessings.... ~Cyndi