Saturday, May 24, 2008


Well I'm finally back. This blog post is for Alice! LOL... She wants me to blog away and tell you what's going on in my life!! Well I don't know that much exciting is going on to actually tell you about but I thought I'd at least post my yearly Memorial Day Greeting!! Also thanks to all of you that have commented nicely about my rug or emailed me directly. I appreciate your kind words. I put a lot of work into that rug for Buzz. I hope he loves it. And thank you for the welcome to the world of "blogging"!!

I plan to get some pictures up here very soon of my family, my furry kids and some rugs. Greg is working this whole weekend including Monday but he took a vacation day on Tuesday.. Yippee.... Finally maybe we can do something. He's been doing yard work and trying to get the yard to look good since the winter and I am busy trying to wash laundry on sunny days when I can hang it out since my dryer died. Luckily it died during the warm months and I can wait a month or so to get one but seems like all it does is rain here in PA since my dryer died so I am now watching the weatherman every day to see when I can wash and hang. Otherwise I wash here and drag it to the laundromat to use their dryers which is a pain. Wet Laundry is very very heavey I found out when I took 3 loads to the laundromat to dry them!! Much easier getting it home then it was getting it to the laundromat.

I still have not seen Buzz to give him his rug but I'm hoping to insist that I see him this week coming up to give it to him. I've talked to him a few times but he's not feeling well at all. I worry about him but it's all out of my control. Please remember him in your prayers. I'm hoping to get a picture of him holding the rug to post here.

So that's what's exciting in my life. I'll be back soon. I planned to do this weekly but find I don't have anything to say every week. Such excitment here!!!!

Have a wonderful safe holiday weekend my friends. hugs ~Cyndi


JoJo said...

Hi, Cyndi! I guess you can lump me in with Alice....I glad you decided to get your blog updated. Right now, I'm still living for blog reading, Snippets, etc.

Whatever you decide to post about is great....your home, your life, hooking, getting up in the morning......sometimes the most mundane can be fun and interesting to read. And pictures, pictures, pictures!! The more, the merrier!

BTW, I loved Buzz's rug. Keeping him in my prayers that he's doing okay and finding his way.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Cyndi ~ Yippee!! You're here!! I'm just like a cheerleader ~ here to spur you on!!! I agree with JoJo ~ someone else's life is always more interesting than our own ~ blog on!!! Sorry about the dryer ~ appliances don't last as long as they used to, do they? And we're so dependent on them! Let's pray for sunshine in Pa. so this girl can hang out her wash!!